Amazing Website

Our whole idea is to bring your business in the online world to provide and rather enhanced image to your business. We have set our self as a reputed website design company in Bihar and Jharkhand, which offers nourished website services for your business, so that you reap most of the benefits through your websites.

How our service starts :

Consultation & Conceptulization

To initiate is to talk. We listen to your ideas; we suggest refines or alternatives if possible. We say we will do it.

Analysis, Budgeting & Confirmation

We go for a further analysis, we set time needed to complete, define process which we will follow and set cost it is going to incur. We check your preferences before we proceed. Thank you for the confirmation.

Domain & Hosting

Once confirmed, we buy domain and hosting, we put a welcome page to show that website is soon to come. And here we initiate the actual work of development. Keep patience while we develop.

Design & Develop

We work, on the basis of requirement given by you. We work on the project only after proper documentation is ready. We work with passion. Thank you for the patience.

Upload & Review

Here comes your design online. We will need your feedback here. Give your best review, find mistakes, check your colour performance and let us know within a week. We solve all bugs of any.

Final Finishing

After your review and our team’s finding, we work to give your project a final touch. We provide the best feel for your website and the delivery is confirmed here.

Maintenance & Update

It is a year long process. We provide you free service for a year. We keep an eye on security of your website. We provide you regular and needed updates .Thank you for providing us a job.

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